Random Golf Thoughts

That’s right, yet another golf blog…

Great; more white noise.

— Golf Twitter, probably

Yep, it’s yet another probably-not-necessary golf blog. Turns out, a website is a relatively inexpensive and easy thing to set-up!

In all seriousness, after essentially taking a year off from writing about our favorite sport, I just…missed it. Combine the time off with the amount of inspiring writing I’ve been reading over the past year by other golf journalists and bloggers (and my best friend, who is doing incredible work on his own in the video game sphere), I felt compelled to find somewhere to express my thoughts via the written word. I needed some kind of outlet.

Alas, KrisMcEwen.com was born!

I’ll be using this site for quite a few different things as you can see from the homepage. But, on this page, specifically, is where my random golf thoughts will live. And, I assure you, they will be random.

In some cases, someone else’s thoughts or opinion will spur my own thoughts or opinions on a subject. Other times, I’ll want to share what I think about a topic swirling about in the Twitter-verse or share a recent experience at a golf course.

What you won’t see here is equipment release news (there’s more than enough of that being done already) or written product reviews, since I prefer to do those via video.

Sometimes, I imagine you’ll read something on here and think “meh”. Which is cool, I mean, they can’t all be Pulitzer-worthy pieces! But, hopefully, on occasion, you’ll leave my site thinking, “I really enjoyed that.”

Anyways, if you’re interested in reading the thoughts of a not-tall, middle-aged, slightly average golfer, feel free to subscribe!