The Video Portfolio

Video production professional specializing in digital golf content.

With over ten years of experience covering golf, almost five years working in video production in internal communications, and a passion for the game of golf, I excel at storytelling through video, understanding how to communicate to different golf audiences, and producing high quality, entertaining videos that promote experiences and locations.

Along with video production, I also host a successful weekly podcast called “Golf Origin Stories” that allows people to tell their story of when and why they fell in love with the game of golf.

“McEwen Reviews It” Web Series

Specializing in the development of captivating and entertaining video content that captures the essence of a location and gives a unique look at a resort or golf course.

The YouTube channel has over 17,000 views since the channel went live in May of 2019 and has consistently drawn nearly 2,000 views every 30 days.

The channel’s main demographic is men between the ages of 25 – 44 years of age.

Golf Course Ads

Experience in creating short, 60-second or less, golf course video ads, including voice-overs, to embed on golf course websites or YouTube channels.

Event Trailers

Develop, film, and produce, long-form, trailer-style videos to promote an event. Including creating an Instagram-friendly version (less than one minute in a square format).

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